Signs, signs & yes more signs

Our Custom bespoke signs at Fatstickman will create a first impression to your visitors, customers and staff – making sure your signs say the right things about you.

Our signs are used for shop fascias, business signs, industrial signs and more – from complex signs for multi site locations, to pavement furniture or temporary signage. We also supply illuminated signs for maximum night time impact.

First impressions count and what better a way by letting Fatstickman make you stand out from the rest. To create a positive and lasting impression with outdoor business signs which represent your organisation in the way you intend.

We offer different material choices, finishes and effects along with illumination to fullfil your business needs.

  • Local experienced sign production centres
  • Design and specification advice
  • Project management
  • Solutions to suit your environment
  • Project management from start to finish

     Fascia Signs

  • Fascias or fascia signs provide a familiar identity for your clients and indicate who you are and what your business does to visitors and potential customers.

    Shop Front Signs

  • Used as a highly effective promotional medium; signs and graphics are essential to all businesses that are visible to pedestrians and the public.

    Industrial Signs

  • Eye catching commercial signs for industries, warehouses and factories.

     Illuminated Signs

  • Help your business stand out with our illuminated signage solutions – a great way to increase visibility and stimulate the visual senses of pedestrians and passers-by.

    Directional Signs

  • Directional signs are a form of signage which have the purpose of directing people to a place of interest or encourage a flow of movement in a particular direction.

    Post and Panel Signs

  • One of the most widely used signage systems – post mounted signs are a cost-effective form of exterior signage used across many businesses.

    Monolith Signs

  • Monoliths or totem poles are freestanding structures that can be constructed in many different materials and can be illuminated to increase their impact.