Correx Plastic Signs







Our Custom bespoke Plastic Correx Signs at Fatstickman will create a first impression to your visitors, customers and staff – making sure your signs say the right things about you.

Our Plastic Correx signs are 3mm thick and used for  temporary shop fascias, business signs, industrial signs and more – for multi site locations, to temporary signage.

First impressions count and what better a way by letting Fatstickman make you stand out from the rest. To create a positive and lasting impression with outdoor business signs which represent your organisation in the way you intend.

     Fascia Signs

  • Fascias or fascia signs provide a familiar identity for your clients and indicate who you are and what your business does to visitors and potential customers.

    Shop Front Signs

  • Used as a highly effective promotional medium; signs and graphics are essential to all businesses that are visible to pedestrians and the public.

    Industrial Signs

  • Eye catching commercial signs for industries, warehouses and factories.
  • Directional Signs

  • Directional signs are a form of signage which have the purpose of directing people to a place of interest or encourage a flow of movement in a particular direction.