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Your No1 Choice for Signage & Branded Clothing in the UK


Welcome to Fatstickman Ltd

We are the number one place for all your Signage & Clothing requirements. Whether you are looking for a simple sign or a complex sign, Fatstickman, Create. Inspire. Inform. Direct. Please. Persuade. Protect. Provoke…

Ok, we make signs from lumps of metal, wood, acrylic, PVC add some colour and sometimes put bulbs in them to make them light up.

Often taken for granted whichever way you look at it you cannot avoid the fact that signage plays a major part in our everyday lives.

Fatstickman design, manufacture and install the signs that create, inspire, inform…

corporate rebranding expertise, retail, corporate, grocery, leisure & heritage, construction

If you are unsure what sign is best for you just drop us an email or give us a call 01379 658666.

Personalised Clothing and Workwear

At fatstickman we can supply your company with workwear branded with your logo.

A printed or embroidered garment for your business adds makes you easily identifiable with a more professional touch and confirms your identity when visiting customers. We can provide t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, fleeces, boiler suits, vests, high visibility clothing and much more.

Our printed garments aren’t just for businesses; we can also print items for groups, clubs, bands, stag/hen parties, birthdays and any other special occasion you wish to celebrate.

We supply high quality heavyweight garments so whether you are a bricklayer or a band member, your garment will provide a lasting professional look, while meeting all current safety legislations.

Telephone us today on 01379 658666 or send us an enquiry on the contact page.


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